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Epilog Fusion FiberMark LaserEpilog Fusion CO2 Laser

At Perfect Etch we have the latest in Laser Etching and sand carving (Sandblasting) technology to help you with almost any type of mark on your parts.  We have four high power lasers that allow us to produce high quantity orders in a short period of time without sacrificing quality. If you seek an Austin Laser Engraving partner to help you with your industrial parts marking, we can help.

Laser Equipment:


Laser Type

Table Size



36” x 24″ x 12”



24” x 18” x 11”


FiberMark (Fiber)

24” x 12” x 7”


FiberMark Fusion

32” x 20” x 12”



The Advantages of Fiber Laser Metal Marking

  • It does not affect the integrity of the part
  • Produce a high-contrast permanent mark

CO2 Lasers for Metal Marking

Non-contact CO2 laser marking is an excellent method of permanently marking your products. While traditional metal engraving removes part of the tool, changing the strength of the part, the laser mark is actually on top of the metal. Wherever the laser hits the metal marking spray, a reaction is created where the spray bonds to the metal, creating a permanent black mark. Whether you’re marking one part or a thousand, nothing compares to the fast and affordable marking that an Epilog laser system provides. The CO2 laser systems that work with the additional spray are also more versatile than our FiberMark system because they will work with wood, acrylic, leather and many more materials. For a brochure and sample kit, please visit our CO2 laser brochure request form.

The Advantages of CO2 Laser Metal Marking

  • Lowest cost of machinery for laser marking;
  • Produce a very high-contrast black mark;
  • Does not change the tolerances of the tool because no material is removed;

To see a sample list of materials we can etch, click here


Sand Carving (Sandblasting)


Austin Laser Engraving - Sand Carving

In 2014 Perfect Etch added sand carving (sandblasting) to our growing list of equipment and adding additional capability to the projects we can take on.    With the sand carving system we now can easily etch fine crystal glasses, etch deep into stone and much more.

Inside Work Area: 34″W x 22″D x 24″H

Give us a call today at: 512.680.5784 if you have questions about a specific project or would like to understand more about Perfect Etch.  We look forward to hear from you.

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